If you want any hope in getting to page 1 on Google, it’s important to focus on building links on, from and to your website. Good ones. Because they show that your website has lots of buzz going on. It’s a good sort. One worth rubbing shoulders with. You know your stuff.

Link building is often the missing piece of the SEO puzzle for most website owners. And it’s also the hardest piece to fill.

I’ll help you build up your links and clean out any baddies that you’ve innocently acquired along the way. “You are who you hang out with” applies to the world wide web as well,  and if you’re linked to any dodgy websites there’s no way Google will list you in their Top 10 websites to check out.


Link: A link (short for hyperlink) is an HTML object that allows you to jump to a new location when you click or tap it. Links are found on almost every webpage and provide a simple means of navigation between pages on the web. Links can be attached to text, images, or other HTML elements.” Source: TechTerms

There are three types of links:

  1. Internal links – these take your customers from one area of your website to another. For example, your logo at the top of each page will usually take you back to your home page.
  2. External links – these are links on your webpage, that take your customers to someone else’s website. I’ve added an external link above where I’ve explained what the heck a link actually is. If you click on it you’ll shoot off to the source of the quote. 
  3. Backlinks – these are links from other websites back to your own. 

Internal and external links are pretty easy to do, especially with a SEO company on your side. Backlinks though are hard work. They’re tough because you’re reliant on someone else:

  • thinking the thing on your website is worth sharing with others
  • going into the back end of their website to set up the link

I’ll take a holistic look at what’s happening on and around your website using some clever tools of the trade. And then give you easy-to-follow, prioritised advice on how to play the game.


Let’s start by clarifying something. There is no easy or fast way to get backlinks that are good for your SEO.

Examples of backlinks that will optimise your website for search engines are:

a breaking-news press release

a captivating blog

a positive product or service review

a five-star testimonial

It’s a link on someone else’s website, and chances are you’ve had to hustle for it.

If a company is promising to get you lots of links within a few short weeks, run. They probably intend to slap your URL willy-nilly across lonely websites that have no relevance to your business or target market. Or they are planning to pay a small fee to a dodgy company that will link your site up to thousands of fake, sometimes illegal websites.

Google sees everything. And if it notices you have been toying with black hat SEO they will dish out some hefty punishments. Like banishing your website to page 25 of their search results for a really long time. Aint nobody ever going to see your website then.

I’m a squeaky-clean kind of person and prefer to play a long game. Call me shallow, but I’d rather aim for a few Kick-A backlinks from a couple of popular websites. Because it works. I want to hang with the kids on the net that people go to frequently. Share content from. Talk about all the time. Because they’ll help boost my popularity. Sounds a bit high school, right? That’s what good backlinking is.